by Luigi Lang

In occasion of the Puig Company Centennial (perfumes and high fashion activity) ITMA invited its members to enter the 2014 World Championship in Barcelona celebrating this important anniversary. The event has taken place thanks also to the hospitality of the Real Club Nautico Barcelona. Both the sponsor and the Club have extended to the participants their kind and warm hospitality assuring to the event a special atmosphere to be remembered. Beautiful sunshine and fair winds have completed the success of the event.

Unfortunately, two other existing important events in Norway (Europe Week Centennial) and in the USA have limited the entries to seven Twelves of the Vintage Division (Emilia, Nyala, Seven Seas of Porto, Trivia, Vanity V, Vim, Wings) and to one of the Traditional Division (Ikra). A very high quality level of the Vintage Twelves has assured a high degree of representative of the Division. The Championship has been raced on eight races, all of them, but one, raced with fair winds.

Nyala – owner Patrizio Bertelli, skipper Antonio Marrai and Francesco Bruni at the tiller – has won the title with a splendid Trivia second and Vanity V third. Also of note was the return of Vim to the race course with her new owner at her first regatta after so many years in a shed.

Ikra has won the special overall scoring of the ITMA Trophy.

2014 World Championship Scoring

The Mediterranean regatta season for the Twelves has continued in September and October with three other regattas:

Portofino Rolex Trophy: this very special event organized by Rolex together with Yacht Club Italiano has seen special invitations extended to the four still in existence 15 Metre IR and to five Twelves (Emilia, Trivia, Vanity V, Vim and Wings). The very light air condition only allowed  two races and Wings has won the Trophy. To remember the very special Rolex hospitality in a very special Portofino!

Régates Royales: a very good organization and light winds have characterized the Cannes week. The following Twelves were present in a Class dedicated to them: Emilia, Trivia, Vanity V, Vim and Wings. Vanity V has won reestablishing a certain equilibrium with Wings.

Les Voiles de St. Tropez: eight Twelves were present on the race course but only four raced in the Twelve Metre Class, the others (Emilia, Seven Seas, Ikra and Sovereign) having raced in other two different Classes due to an autonomous decision of the organizers. Wings, Vanity V, Vim and Trivia had the possibility to dispute the victory of the ITMA Cup only on three races due to lack of wind. After an amazing alternation in the results, Wings has won the Cup by just one point on Vanity V.