Skeaf IV, E-5

Skeaf IV

Built in 1910 according to the International First Rule.


Skeaf IV
Skeaf IV


Sail Number E-5
International Rule FIRST Rule
Year Built 1910
Designer G. Barg
Builder Actien Gessselschaft Neptun (Rostock)
Hull ID Number 307
First Owner Henry Horn
First Name Skeaf IV
First Sail Number E-5
First Country Germany
Original Homeport Schleswig
Other Names Sterna (1914)-Freya (1919)-Copeja (1929) Emmeline (1935)-Maid of Astolat (1947) Cymbeline (1948)-Gift of the Wind (1966)
Other Sail Numbers RORC no. 463
Current Status / Condition broken-up?
Length Overall 18.7 (A.G. Neptun records) m.
Length Waterline 12.99 (A.G. Neptun records) m.
Beam 3.52 (A.G. Neptun records) m.
Draft 2.20 (A.G. Neptun records) m.
Sail Area 126.17 sq. (1937) - 140.40 sq. (1947) m.