Nini Anker, N-15

Siesta (DEN-12 / Anker 434) ~ Robbe & Berking Classics photo

Built from 2010-2013 according to the International Third Rule.


Built from 2010-2013 according to the International Third Rule, Johan Anker’s ultimate masterpiece the 12mR Anker 434 project, produced by Robbe & Berking Classics, was the first wooden 12mR to be produced in decades.

From Robbe & Berking website:

In the world of classical boat enthusiasts Johan Anker (1871 – 1940) is known as a master of elegant ship lines who achieved an outstanding reputation in his period of activity not only as designer and builder of many successful yachts but also as successful sailor. Amongst others he was the initiator of the legendary conference held in London 1906 where the major sailing countries agreed on the International Rule of Measurement for Rating as the first international handicapping system. At the age of 68 Johan Anker created his latest 12 Metre Class design in 1939 before he passed away in the following year. Due to the outbreak of war his design No. 434 was never built. Robbe & Berking Classics retrieved the complete set of drawings and was pleased to build this remarkable 12 Metre Class design on behalf of a Scandinavian owner committed to Metre Class sailing.


Sail Number N-15
International Rule THIRD Rule
Year Built 2010-2013
Designer Johan Anker
Builder Robbe & Berking Classics GMBH & Co.
Hull ID Number design #: 434
First Owner Erik Tingleff Larson
First Name Anker Project #434
First Sail Number DEN-12
First Country Germany
Original Homeport Flensburg
Other Names Siesta (DEN-12), Anker Project #434
Other Sail Numbers DEN-12
Current Status / Condition new
Current Owner Christoph Avenarius
Current Location Flensburg, Germany
Current Division Vintage
Construction Wood
Length Overall 21.65 m.
Length Waterline 16.40 m.
Beam 3.60 m.
Draft 2.64 m.
Sail Area 174 sq. m.