Challenge 12, KA-10

Challenge XII (KA-10)

Built in 1982 according to the International Third Rule.


Built in 1982 according to the International Third Rule as challenger for the 1983 America’s Cup, her design was a point of departure with traditional lines but having a narrower beam and small bulge below waterline.

1983: KA-10 was sold to the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (AU), and sent to Newport for the challenger trails.

1985: Club Nautico Marina di Carrara Consorzio Futurea purchased her intending to use her as Italian challenger for the 1987 America’s Cup, due to financial constraints this did not come to pass.

1995: Challenge XII served as the trail horse for Challenge France.

1996:  She underwent a 3-year refit and was on the race course again in 1999 at the St. Tropez Rolex Cup.

2017- present: Challenge XII was purchased by Jack LeFort, who provided a major refit. She returned to  the Newport (RI) race course in July.

2019: Challenge XII (KA-10) won the Modern Division of the 2019 12mR World Championship at Newport, RI

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