International Twelve Metre E-Newsletter, March 2023

ITMA's March 2023 E-Newsletter contained updates from President, Chris Winter, our 3 regional fleets in Southern Europe, Northern Europe and the Americas, 12mRs for Sale, 12mR History and more.

Topics included:

  • Message from ITMA President, Chris Winter (below)
  • Updates from our 3 Regional Fleets in Southern Europe, Northern Europe and the Americas
  • 2023 & 2024 12mR World Championship Updates
  • FEATURE: Coupe de France Race Series ITMA Annual General Meeting Wrap-up
  • ITMA Membership Renewal
  • ITMA Database update: Rhona (K-7)
  • Meet the ITMA Team: Bernard Minvielle, Chris Winter and Steve Eddleston
  • VIDEO: 12mRs Racing at Cowes, 1960
  • This month in 12mR History, Sports Illustrated, March 1958
  • 12mRs FOR SALE: Vanity V (K-5) Legacy (KZ-5)
International Twelve Metre Association E-Newsletter, March 2023

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