“New” Vintage & Antique Trophies to Debut at 2021 Worlds

2021 12 Metre World Championship, Helsinki Finland

When the newly dedicated trophies for winners in the 12mR Vintage and Antique divisions are awarded the Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK) in Helsinki, Finland this summer their recipients will be the first 12mR World Champions to hoist them aloft. Each of the legacy trophies is of special significance to both NJK and the International 12mR Class. It is therefore fitting that the “new” trophies will debut at the 12mR Worlds hosted at NJK while the Club is concurrently celebrating its 160th Anniversary.

The Heatherbell Trophy, was donated to the NJK by the Krogius Family specifically to recognize World Champions in the 12mR Antique division. Approximately forty International First Rule (Antique) 12mRs were built between 1907-1920 and were sailed in Olympic competition at the 1908, 1912 and 1920 Games. The yacht Heatherbell was among the first 12mRs ever built when she was launched at Glasgow, Scotland in 1907.

12mRHeatherbellTrophy and NJK Commodore Ernst Krogius double-portrait

The unique silver chalice now bearing her name was first awarded in 1911 to NJK Commodore Ernst Krogius (1865-1955) then owner of the winning Heatherbell. At the NJK Clubhouse, the trophy is displayed along with a “double-portrait” of Heatherbell. The painting depicts Commodore Krogius at her helm with the gaff-rigger also seen sailing on the horizon.


NJK 160 Year Jubilee TrophyThe NJK 160 Year Jubilee Trophy, recently donated by Henrik Andersin, owner of Blue Marlin (FIN-1) and 2021 12mR World Championship Chairman, also traces its origin back to 1911. The gilded Sheffield-made silver cup was originally awarded for Point-to-Point equestrian races in the United Kingdom. This perpetual trophy will be awarded to 12mR World Champion yachts in the Vintage Division. The Vintage division is comprised of International Second Rule 12mRs, constructed between 1920-33 and Third Rule 12mRs designed to the formula enforce from 1933 until the America’s Cup Third Rule was established in 1958.

The Nyländska Jaktklubben will serve as Trustee and Guardian of both perpetual trophies which will be on display at the Club throughout the 2021 12mR World Championship in August. Thereafter, each may claim pride of place at the winner’s home yacht club until the subsequent 12mR Vintage and Antique World Championships are held.

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