Lionheart, K-18

Lionheart, K-18, photo by Martin Everard

Built in 1979 according to the International Third Rule- America’s Cup.


1979-1980: Commissioned by the British Industry 1500 Club, Lionheart was a heavy displacement yacht built for the 1980 America’s Cup. Her most innovative feature was a “bendy” mast that increased her sail area by nearly 7%. She proved to be very fast in a straight line but had a lack of maneuverability when compared to other twelves. She was beaten by France II after a close fight at the 24th America’s Cup Challenger Trials.

1981-1983: Peter de Savary had her altered in 1982 and sailed her as a trail horse against Victory ’82 and Victory ’83. By 1991 she was in the U.S. managed by Intrepid Marketing with her home port in Seekonk, MA.

since 1991: Owned by Harry H. Graves, Lionheart is sailed and raced with the Newport 12 metre fleet.

*Content courtesy: The Twelve Metre Class by Dyer Jones & Luigi Lang

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